Finally got back from camping for a few days in the Rio Grande National Forest. Brought the Gross family and all of their kids, and the Lewis family her son. Definitely a great trip. The Gross parents got sick for a day of our trip and couldn’t do a lot of the hiking that we did but the kids came anyway. Most of the time it was me and the 3 youngest boys climbing over the mountainside all afternoon. Makes my head swirl everytime I think about the 5 and 7 year old learning how to climb rocks and stay safe from me. I’m glad no one got hurt and we had a great time. Of course my favorite part is cooking out in the woods. I made my Carrol Shelby chili modification with cornbread cooked on top of the chili, and for breakfast a nice heavy biscuits and gravy. A little heavy for those who aren’t used to such rich food, but I didn’t get any complaints. Later in the trip we drove to the Great Sand Dunes and let the kids wear themselves out on the sand. We’ve already made plans to go back in the spring for a much longer trip, especially since the cabin has beds for everyone and heat all night long. Maybe this time we’ll be able to bring some more families up with us!


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