Another Day

The weekend has started and for me that means doing some more work around the farm. I still need to build some houses for pigs so that we don’t have any pre-frozen pork. My situation over the last month hasn’t helped the poor pigs that much. For those of you who don’t know I’ve been without a car for a few weeks. My little wagon finally blew her head gasket and lost compression in two cylinders. I’ve been waiting for student loans to either help me get her fixed or get something new. I thought the best thing would be to get a truck, but I suppose I am an emotional buyer when it comes to cars. Anyone who has known me for more than a couple of months should know that I have a fixation with Jeeps. I love em’, and can’t get enough of my wrangler. After leaving my job a few years ago I had to get rid of my beloved 2000 Tj. I loved that jeep, and hoped that I would only be without her for a little while. I know that while I drove her that I complained endlessly about her lack of power and room to carry things. But I loved her.

So now comes money to get things rolling and I find an older jeep on Craigslist. I’ll humor him and go take a look at it. I don’t generally like the older jeeps since they don’t have fuel injection and lack the style of the newer wranglers with their round headlights and such. Upon arriving at the lot I find it is indeed older looking, but it’s also much more rugged looking. I also find out that someone had put a Chevy 4.3L V6 fuel injected engine in her! (that could be a good thing) She has a lot of cosmetic things that could be worked on and I’m sure a few mechanical things, but the guy at the jeep parts place really likes it too and for some reason wants me to have the jeep for six hundred less than he posted her online for. Of course, he sold the hard top that it had, which will end up costing me the same if I decide to replace it. I’ve always liked the soft tops for the ability to take down and put up on a whim.

Long story short, I have a new jeep waiting for my last payment on tuesday and get to drive her around. I’ll probably have to take her to my mechanic to look her over and give me an idea of what I’ll be saving my money for. I already have a list of little things I need to get done. But, with all of that looming in front of me I’m still excited. Why wouldn’t I? It’s a Wrangler!




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