Life Changers

Well, It’s done. I’ve officially been migrated to a Bachelor’s Degree of the Visual Arts Program. I’ll be working towards my BFA and a life as an artist. Everyday I learn new things about my own personal art and a deeper self respect for myself. I am happier being an artist than working towards any practical degree I could think of. I’m not sure if I’ll ever make lots of money or become famous but I know that I’ll be happy about what I do and who I am. I loved the idea of becoming a Wildlife Biologist because I wanted to be closer to wildlife and the mountains, but I’m aiming to make sure that I still get to do just that only in a much better form. I’m even planning a trip to the mountains in the next two weeks or so with my camera and hopefully some paints. I’ve learned some actual techniques in painting and I’d like to put them to use soon. Since I’ve never painted before a few weeks ago it should be an interesting experience. I’ve always had a camera of some type and of course pencils have always been my tool of choice, but paints are so exciting and colorful. I have no idea how I ever got the idea that they would be dull and muddy. I think the impressionists have made a mark on the way I see things. I can’t wait!

I’ve taken some more pictures and hope you enjoy them. They aren’t artistic or especially great, just me, my camera, and some people I care about visiting the mountains. I’m still waiting to get a decent telephoto lens to capture all the wildlife around me, but until then it’ll be portraits and snapshots. I hope you enjoy.


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