Wow, this page is still alive! And so am I!

I go from obsessing over every detail to “Meh, it’ll be fine” in about 2 seconds. That’s the only thing I can say about this website, and why I haven’t been blogging here in forever. I know it’s not a good excuse, but it’s mine and well, Meh…

Anyhow, I’m back and I’m thinking it might be a good idea to start blogging again, even if it’s just to put my thoughts to paper. (or html as it were.) Heck, I might even keep up with it.

So the big changes from the last time I posted are pretty numerous. I got Married! and had two daughters! And they’re already teenagers! What a crazy whirlwind life can be sometimes. My wife, my son, and now my two new teenager daughters have been doing their best to teach me lessons about patience and have all contributed to me becoming a better person. I love them all and couldn’t imagine life without them. Seriously, how did I get along without so much to do all the time! So now blended family in tow, I’ve begun my new life as an AV Tech, who likes to take pictures when he gets the chance. In the last year alone I’ve gotten to meat all sorts of people from all walks of life, from TV news personalities, to performing artist around Denver.

Sadly, I haven’t gotten to meet a lot of photographers or other visual artists lately, but I’m hoping that changes soon! I miss hanging with those types, especially when I can see they’re doing so well and I just want to throw myself into their lives and try to participate in all the cool things I see them doing with their lives! Damn you Facebook! (joking, I still love you facebook!)

The only client I’ve been able to add is another non-paying customer, which is fine because he’s my dad. I know it’s clichéd but it’s pretty cool working with my dad, because I have total autonomy regarding the pictures I’d like to take. In fact, if I could just get him and his band-mates to come out of their shells, I think I could get some great shots. Still, it’s their band, and their reputation we’re working to build. It’s a lot of fun, even if most of the time is spent trying to manipulate HTML code to display things in his web page just the way I’d like to. “Dammit Jim, I’m an artist not a programmer!” If you’d like to check them out, you can see their facebook page here: Two Story  or watch a snippet of their music here: Two Story Music Samples

That’s all I really have time for right now, but I hope to get more posts up soon! Enjoy the pics!



Getting revved up once again!

Finally, I am back on track to continue my blog. I’m trying not to regret the last few months of not writing or posting pictures and art, but it’s hard not to do. Sometimes life makes you row upstream into a stronger current than usual and you just have to work harder to get where you want to go. I’m still taking pictures, though I haven’t done nearly as much artwork as I’d like. The not so fun part is that art, like life, requires a lot of money. My camera is quickly becoming dated and has begun to show signs of dying. My paints are drying as we speak, and not before they’ve hit the canvas! It’s time to start working in the “real” world again while college is put on hold another 3 months, so that I can start to move forward again.

The big question on my mind, is “How do they do it?” How does an artist have the time to envision, create, and display everything they work on AND still make enough money to get by. I guess the truth is that I suck at it. I want people to enjoy my art, I just don’t always think it’s worth what I’d need to charge to keep doing it. So how do they do it? I wonder if sometimes I’m the only one with this problem… Then of course I meet several struggling artists wondering how much they should charge for their work, how many people would be interested, and if the guy standing next to them is going to stab them in the back and take all their work’s profits?

Anyhow, I’ve been spending a lot of time specifically trying to take black and white pictures and trying to find a certain quality in each picture to make it express itself the best. Below are some pictures that I have taken in the last month that I hope will give people a range of emotions, or simple sentimental feelings about something in their own lives.

Family and Time

So I haven’t posted on here in a good long time. Things are okay, but uploading pictures and blogging all the time on multiple sites had taken it’s toll. Of course all of my personal sites are the first to lose attention. The good news is that I have still been taking lots of photos and I’m still doing artwork as often as possible. The last month or so has seen me learning airbrushing techniques and new Photoshop skills. The next plan in the greater scheme or things is to print a bunch of quality photo’s and build my first real portfolio to take to a few galleries. My goal is to convince someone to hang a few of my photo’s in galleries for sale, before I decide to just open my own gallery. There are a lot of benefits to having my own gallery including having real studio space to take photo’s and paint to my little heart’s content. I know there are drawbacks as well, so I guess we’ll see how other galleries go first.

This month gave me the opportunity to hit the road and help my mom with her business, which in turn allowed me ample opportunity to photograph as we went. The most unexpected photo’s came from a tiny little canyon and pond in the eastern plains of Colorado. Just a few miles off the highway, and not marked by any signs it ended up being a restful quiet surprise for us. It leads me to wonder how many of these tiny oasis’s of pleasure lie in wait around Colorado, know by only a handful of people.

In addition to pictures of the canyon with my Mom and a few show dogs, I got the chance to take baby pictures of my nephew. It’s awesome that I have access to a cute baby to add to my portfolio and it’s a great excuse to see him! So mixed in with the landscapes are just a few personal photo’s of family during a recent dinner!

Wrapping up Mississippi

The trip is winding down and soon we’ll begin the long drive home. Albeit the car is a little more battered than I’d like because of a run-in with a Deer, but it drives well enough to get us home (I hope). Today after the Dog show we traveled up the beautiful Natchez Trace parkway along the Ross Barnett reservoir. More pictures of the cool swampy areas and we found a ton of different mushrooms in all sorts of places. Unfortunately on our way back we hit a small deer. Luckily the deer here are much smaller than their cousins in Colorado and although she did some good amount of damage, we can still drive home.

So, mushrooms are the name of the game for these photo’s. I’ll have to do some research and find the right names for each one. The smallest were a lot of fun since they seem to be in there own little world. I hope you like them as much as I did!


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