Paintings and Drawings

My Graphite Portrait Work

and other drawings and paintings

I love to draw, always have, and for the last year or two I have been putting it to use. At least off and on I have. Below are some of my drawings that include family, friends, and fantasy artwork. Most of my work is done in pencil but most recently I have begun to try out ink outlining. I’ll try to post some of those once I get something better!

Tim Massey
Tim Massey self portrait

My sense of humor knows no bounds

My Grandfather
My Grandfather

Of course my Nona hates this picture because it does kind of make him look a lot older

My Son Owen
Another of my Son Owen

Owen and Gavin often get the distinction of being my models. I have hundreds of photo’s of both of them. Luckily I get to reward them with video games!

My Friend Jessica
Jessica’s Daughter Evie

This is one of my favorites because it has the distinction of being the first drawing that I got paid for. There’s nothing better than that kind of reward. A art teacher once told me that the only time you can consider a piece finished is when it’s sold and you can’t touch it again! Words of wisdom!

My Niece Kacey and one of her Aunts

This picture makes me more emotional than the rest of my pictures. I rarely get to see my little niece and this and the picture below only make me miss her more!

Andrew Massey; Kacey Massey
My Niece Kacey and My Brother Andrew

Everyone asks my why my brother is sleeping in this picture, he isn’t actually but I think it’s nice to think of him as a very tired daddy. Most people who have had children look at it just nod. I think they get it…

Emily Lewis
A friend of a friend

I didn’t get paid for this one, but it was one of the first. I love what I was able to accomplish with all the shadows without making him too dark.

Bill Massey
My Dad Bill Massey

I got a lot of scathing advice from my mom about this picture. He doesn’t actually have that big of a belly but the angle made him pretty big. Sorry Dad.


Other Artwork

My Favorite, in real life it’s a lot brighter!

Experimenting with Impasto painting. I love the colors, but never got to finish it. This is one of the only paintings I made that hangs in my bedroom.

Simple pots, and only 3 colors of paints mixed to fruition.

Pumpkin and a apparently a massive pine cone.

Not really excited about these, they were inspired by Run Lola Run.

2010 Artwork

Light into dark.

pen and ink, trying to work out textures. Lesson learned: ink is unforgiving…

gray paper charcoal drawing. I really like the White Charcoal, the dark not so much.

Graphite (pencil) Here you can see how lazy I am. I spend a lot of time working on things, then give up on other things.


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