About Me

My name is Tim Massey. This is a simple blog that helps me organize my hobby and hopefully upcoming dream of working in Art and Photography. I am not a master of anything yet, which is what hopefully makes this blog much more interesting. If you interested in playing the Guitar, Drawing with pencil and Ink, Painting, Writing, Photography, camping, fishing, making lists of silly things, and…

Well, I suppose I could go on forever. Feel free to hang around anyhow. I’ll probably link to other blogs of friends or interesting things I find on the internet, and hopefully soon reviews of products that I’ve been able to use during my learning process.

Currently I am using a Nikon D5000 dslr with it’s kit lens 18-55mm, a nikon 55-200mm, a 35mm prime f/1.8 as well as a myriad of screw on adapters that make for cheap upgrades. I will be looking to upgrade eventually when I can afford to or some wonderful benefactor takes a liking to my work and buys me something nice. I’ll try to be thorough in all of my posts, but I don’t promise anything!

I live in beautiful Colorado and have been taking pictures for a few years, and trying to take good pictures for at least the last year.

Thank you for visiting and feel free to comment on anything. I love knowing this stuff gets to millions of people (especially the dozen or so people that actually get here on purpose).

You can also visit me on facebook or see more of my photo’s on my Flickr account.

-Tim Massey


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