Mississippi Wonders

Feeling the pain in my feet from wandering through this new state. There are some really great things here and some not so great things. Of course I miss Colorado and now I appreciate it that much more. That said, I need to capture a few thousand more images before I come back. I hope that you enjoy some of the new images, feel free to like or comment on anything you see!

Of my pictures below I was able to travel along the wetland areas and found a few cool things in the forest. Among them are an old pickup deep in the forest and a few sets of bones, and of course swamps. Swamps are something I’ve never really been around, so it was really cool. Nearly every day so far it has been gloomy and foggy so taking a lot of pictures has been difficult. Not to mention the Dog show that I’m supposed to be helping with. The show is turning out to be pretty small though, and hopefully we’ll be able to get out some more during the weekend.



Busy Busy

So the last few weeks have gone by in a flash. The college semester has been winding down, and Christmas celebrations have been ramping up. In the end, I have still been taking pictures, but uploading them everyday has become more difficult not to mention writing a blog each day. Today I took pictures for my mom’s hairstylist. She’s a wonderful woman who of course, hates having her picture taken. The photo’s will be uploaded to a blog that my Mother has set up for her, and will hopefully include all sorts of health and beauty advice. At any rate it’s good to be out and taking pictures with a purpose again. Taking pictures randomly has turned out to be boring, and the best pictures I’ve been able to take are when I have a purpose and I’m trying to capture something specific. I guess it’s always been this way with me. If I don’t have something to guide me I tend to lose sight of whatever project I’m working on. Drawing and Painting tend to fall into those categories pretty quickly if I’m not careful.

Tomorrow we leave for Mississippi which will hopefully lead to some beautiful photo’s while I’m on the road. Of course it means not uploading pictures for at least 10 days unless I get the use of a computer during the trip. I’ll be the muscle for my Mom while she shows a few dogs at the Jackson Mississippi Dog show next weekend. I know she likes having someone along, especially someone who can lift everything she needs and help take care of the animals. I know we’ll have fun. I just hope we find some great areas to take photographs!

Below are some of the photo’s that I have been taking throughout the last month. Some are good, and some are snapshots, but all of them are mine. They are presented here in no particular order. If you’d like to see the whole of my 365 project, just click on the Flickr link at the top of my page.


New Works

I’ve been lax when it comes to writing my blog I know, but I am here to let you know that everything is fine. School takes a majority of my time, and writing in the blog is unfortunately a low priority. I can report however that I have been keeping on schedule (for the most part) with my 365 project. I still need to upload all the pictures that I have taken but I think that Flickr will be my main repository. I hope you enjoy some of the new pictures, and if you’d like to see all of them, just visit my Flickr page!




I have always hated images of myself. Even so far as to fail art in high school simply for not wanting to do a self portrait. But If I really want to make someone sit and pose for me, then I guess I should be able ask the same of myself. Once we finally begin working with models I will be able to continue working on my people skills. I think that photographing people is 90% being able to make the subject feel at ease with you and the camera, and 10% working the camera with confidence. I suppose another 25% could be spent getting rid of unwanted moles and weird “bumps” on peoples bodies in Photoshop. But mostly the making people comfy while I’m shooting… yeah…

I know this seems a little emotional, but I think it works well. This is how I see myself. I believe that I can be a romantic, and I believe that I can be sexy and raw. I don’t really care if anyone disagrees because I’m my own worst critic, and you couldn’t tell me anything that I haven’t told myself a million times. So at any rate, let the narcissism begin…

37 / 365

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