Getting revved up once again!

Finally, I am back on track to continue my blog. I’m trying not to regret the last few months of not writing or posting pictures and art, but it’s hard not to do. Sometimes life makes you row upstream into a stronger current than usual and you just have to work harder to get where you want to go. I’m still taking pictures, though I haven’t done nearly as much artwork as I’d like. The not so fun part is that art, like life, requires a lot of money. My camera is quickly becoming dated and has begun to show signs of dying. My paints are drying as we speak, and not before they’ve hit the canvas! It’s time to start working in the “real” world again while college is put on hold another 3 months, so that I can start to move forward again.

The big question on my mind, is “How do they do it?” How does an artist have the time to envision, create, and display everything they work on AND still make enough money to get by. I guess the truth is that I suck at it. I want people to enjoy my art, I just don’t always think it’s worth what I’d need to charge to keep doing it. So how do they do it? I wonder if sometimes I’m the only one with this problem… Then of course I meet several struggling artists wondering how much they should charge for their work, how many people would be interested, and if the guy standing next to them is going to stab them in the back and take all their work’s profits?

Anyhow, I’ve been spending a lot of time specifically trying to take black and white pictures and trying to find a certain quality in each picture to make it express itself the best. Below are some pictures that I have taken in the last month that I hope will give people a range of emotions, or simple sentimental feelings about something in their own lives.


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