Family and Time

So I haven’t posted on here in a good long time. Things are okay, but uploading pictures and blogging all the time on multiple sites had taken it’s toll. Of course all of my personal sites are the first to lose attention. The good news is that I have still been taking lots of photos and I’m still doing artwork as often as possible. The last month or so has seen me learning airbrushing techniques and new Photoshop skills. The next plan in the greater scheme or things is to print a bunch of quality photo’s and build my first real portfolio to take to a few galleries. My goal is to convince someone to hang a few of my photo’s in galleries for sale, before I decide to just open my own gallery. There are a lot of benefits to having my own gallery including having real studio space to take photo’s and paint to my little heart’s content. I know there are drawbacks as well, so I guess we’ll see how other galleries go first.

This month gave me the opportunity to hit the road and help my mom with her business, which in turn allowed me ample opportunity to photograph as we went. The most unexpected photo’s came from a tiny little canyon and pond in the eastern plains of Colorado. Just a few miles off the highway, and not marked by any signs it ended up being a restful quiet surprise for us. It leads me to wonder how many of these tiny oasis’s of pleasure lie in wait around Colorado, know by only a handful of people.

In addition to pictures of the canyon with my Mom and a few show dogs, I got the chance to take baby pictures of my nephew. It’s awesome that I have access to a cute baby to add to my portfolio and it’s a great excuse to see him! So mixed in with the landscapes are just a few personal photo’s of family during a recent dinner!


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