Mississippi Wonders

Feeling the pain in my feet from wandering through this new state. There are some really great things here and some not so great things. Of course I miss Colorado and now I appreciate it that much more. That said, I need to capture a few thousand more images before I come back. I hope that you enjoy some of the new images, feel free to like or comment on anything you see!

Of my pictures below I was able to travel along the wetland areas and found a few cool things in the forest. Among them are an old pickup deep in the forest and a few sets of bones, and of course swamps. Swamps are something I’ve never really been around, so it was really cool. Nearly every day so far it has been gloomy and foggy so taking a lot of pictures has been difficult. Not to mention the Dog show that I’m supposed to be helping with. The show is turning out to be pretty small though, and hopefully we’ll be able to get out some more during the weekend.



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