I have always hated images of myself. Even so far as to fail art in high school simply for not wanting to do a self portrait. But If I really want to make someone sit and pose for me, then I guess I should be able ask the same of myself. Once we finally begin working with models I will be able to continue working on my people skills. I think that photographing people is 90% being able to make the subject feel at ease with you and the camera, and 10% working the camera with confidence. I suppose another 25% could be spent getting rid of unwanted moles and weird “bumps” on peoples bodies in Photoshop. But mostly the making people comfy while I’m shooting… yeah…

I know this seems a little emotional, but I think it works well. This is how I see myself. I believe that I can be a romantic, and I believe that I can be sexy and raw. I don’t really care if anyone disagrees because I’m my own worst critic, and you couldn’t tell me anything that I haven’t told myself a million times. So at any rate, let the narcissism begin…

37 / 365


One thought on “37

  1. Just amazing! It looks like you have captured your soul in this shot. Very raw, very handsome! This picture says a lot. Well done.

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