Updates all around

The last few days have been crazy to say the least. If feels like I’m constantly behind schedule. It’s probably the cold weather. I’ve been setting up another web page just for people to purchase prints of my photo’s. I like the layout of the photo section, I just wish I could incorporate it into my current page. At any rate you can view it above where it says purchase photo’s and find the the album you’d like to look at.

The site will most likely go down in another week since I have to pay $150 for it, and funds are non-existent. Starting a photography business is a different beast really. All of the capitol that you need to raise is to buy a back-up camera, lights, and other equipment but it’s exciting and fun to get new stuff. It makes me feel guilty. The trick I think is to find the minimum amount of equipment needed to do the job you need to do. Even then I would estimate around five grand minimum. That’s actually pretty bare but it would be a great start. Some days it feels as if I might as well be trying to raise fifty thousand. At any rate, my work continues while I work to build a portfolio that will help get me an apprenticeship with a local photographer. Speaking with industry folks, I’ve learned there is no need to work for a chain photography shop, such as Sears or JC Penny’s. Unless I want to be a trained monkey. So building a portfolio is my main goal. Only the best photo’s, only the best apprenticeship.

My work this week has been helped tremendously and stunted afterwords. My brother Mike and his wife Dana gave birth to a baby boy (pictures in previous post), which gave me a great set of photo’s to work with. Everybody loves babies! I also learned that a recent purchase of a 35mm f/1.8 lens has turned out to be the greatest investment I could make. I didn’t have to use a flash, and was still able to capture photo’s in the dim and dark hospital room (it was comfortable, just dark). Later, the lack of interesting things to photograph struck me. After something as cool as a newborn, everything else seems mundane. But, that does not mean I should hold back shooting!

Ruckus was excited to see me and really wanted her picture taken. So I took it.

24 / 365

Yesterday was class as normal despite the cold front moving into the Springs area. The clouds are getting more ominous and the Sun has been moving further south every day.

25 / 365

Finally, Angel the Chihuahua. This is a re-touch of a photo that I took a little while back. I worry sometimes about people not liking the photo’s I take of them (since I don’t get a lot of feedback from anyone) and instead think of taking photo’s of dogs. Dogs have been a part of my entire life and I enjoy them immensely. If I could make a living taking pictures of animals, I most likely do it in a heartbeat!

26 / 365



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