23 of 365 and a New Nephew

23 / 365

Having a busy weekend so far by being there for my brother’s first baby. Mike flew in from Bahrain 7,685 miles while serving in the Naval Reserves to be with his wife and child. Luckily she went into labor just as he was leaving and he arrived with just enough time to be with her as my new Nephew came into the world. I was personally lucky that everyone was patient enough with my taking pictures into the evening while simultaneously playing with as many lights as I could get working. I was able to get some great shots, but only because of my recent purchase of a 35mm f/1.8 lens. Without a large aperture I wouldn’t be able to take a single shot unless I had more light. I can see why so many people go so far as to pay three times as much for the f/1.4’s for the extra light. Nearly every shot with my zoom lenses (f/3.5-5.6) were a complete waste.

I hope you enjoy my photo’s! Unfortunately because of my naming schemes the photo’s are not in chronological order, but grouped by however I named them. If you see dogs in the photo’s as well, it’s because they were at the hospital (outside) waiting for David as well!

I have a whole range of photo’s from David’s birth available on my smugmug website, and now you should be able to purchase prints for yourselves if you’d like. Just click on the purchase photo’s link at the top of the page or here.

Again, feel free to head over to smugmug and look at the rest of these photo’s. There are plenty of simple snapshots, and more worthy of printing if that is what you desire!

Click here to see more!


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