Playful Puppies!

I got a few short sessions done today as we traveled around doing our errands today. The first set of shots were taken of some puppies that I currently reside with. These two chihuahua’s were glad to get outside and romp for a little while, but as anyone who’s tried photographing pets, there weren’t many shots of them standing still. If I had an adult helper I’m sure I would have been able to calm them down or at least put them on a leash to take some shots. Still I was able to get a few good shots. In the end if I only get one really good shot I think I’ll consider it a good session.






Ahead of the Pack

Our first stop on the way into town after photographing puppies was improvised because my son and I saw that the dirt bike park was busy. I thought that it would be a great opportunity to capture some fast moving targets! The dirt bikers were all kind and showed off as much as they could when they passed by, and while I enjoyed watching them race by, my son Owen could only take a few minutes of the loud motors screaming at each jump. Photographing the bikes was great because they all wear such bright primary colors that really lend themselves to bright photo’s. I’m eager to go back and get more shots soon. If you ever get the chance to shoot these guys, make sure you take ton’s of shots. I did my best to capture each one at least once and about 50% of my shots ended up out of focus, They just move too fast! Also, while I thought capturing rider’s by themselves was good for selling copies to each one later, capturing groups of riders was ultimately more interesting. Definitely going back soon.




God's Flashlight

The next volley of shots was of a storm that came down on Colorado Springs as I was heading back home. I had to stop just because of the cool lighting. It might not make for a jaw-dropping shot but I was happy to see something so cool happen just at the right time. When these things do happen, they only last for a few minutes… So having your camera close is the only way to get the shot.







Hot Cocoa!

We ended the day at home, relaxing on the couch’s and drinking hot chocolate. Owen was excited to get his chocolate, but not terribly excited to read his homework. I know that feeling, but at least it’s a nice cool autumn night made just for cocoa and reading.








Cool Night, Hot Cocoa, and a Good Book.

In the end, my choice for my 18th shot for my 365 project is this last black and white photo. I love how simple and elegant it comes across for me, and I hope it makes you wonder what book they’re reading, who’d reading it, and that you feel jealous that he’s all wrapped up in warm blankets…


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