I was inspired to capture food after looking in lots of cookbooks for a good Alfredo sauce for dinner tonight. So I got started on making dinner (from scratch) and thought, “My photo buddy Kevin‘s doing shots of food, so why don’t I?” I hope these look appetizing, because they tasted good. I learned a few things as well. (about the dish and photographing the dish)

Natural light is your friend, especially when making something look tasty, next time I’ll get everything set up before the sun goes down.

Also, Freshness makes a big difference. I tried taking photo’s of the leftovers… not worth my time.

I’d like to add more green next time as well, probably through fresh parsley or thyme. Heck, I might even add some roasted red peppers to make the dish have even more color and add an interesting flavor to the meal.

I like the closer photo better out of the set, and as I have now learned: a busy background can hurt the meal. I am in favor of having a darker background color however, but I think this will work well. That of course might be the years of looking at Italian dishes set against natural stone counter-tops and stuccoed villa’s in Mediterranean settings. If anyone feels the need to have those shots taken, let me know. I’ll fly to Italy any time you want to take photo’s.

Cookbook shoots would be really great to do. I love food and I would imagine that you’d get to eat anything that came out of the shoot unscathed. I looked in horror after my “shoot” at the photographers willing to add things that would make the dish inedible, but alas I suppose it was either the meal or the photo. At that point, I think the photo should win out… I suppose.


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