Today was spent going around the downtown area looking for “iconic” settings to help me get a great picture for the Colorado Springs Visitors center contest. Finding that perfect shot however, is turning out to be a little more difficult than I originally thought. What exactly is iconic about Colorado Springs that hasn’t already been captured? Not much really since I’ve already seen a lot of very good (read: professional) shots on the Visitor center’s facebook page. My thoughts are that I should try the artistic avenue and look for shots that people don’t normally see. I know that might make me a long shot to get the cover, but I’m having fun coming up with interesting shots. (at least in my head). So far I haven’t gotten too many but at least I’ve avoided the cliche’s that are flooding their wall with photo’s. Unfortunately most of them will not be considered because, while they are pretty, they are not iconic. Nor do many make someone immediately think about Colorado Springs. I’ll continue to take as many shots as I can and take the next steps towards becoming the photographer that I want to be, and who knows, I may end up having a picture on the cover of a magazine sometime soon!

Below are my 11 and 12 shots. The first is a great shot of the Stargate in America the Beautiful park near downtown, that I’ve made black and white. I like it more this way because the sky becomes a great backdrop for the Stargate artwork. The second shot (#12) is of a man that helped to make thousands of kids happy by donating pumpkins each year. His name was Venetucci and he was loved for all that he did here. He died years ago and donated his farm to the church who has restored his home and still operates a small section of the farm. Downtown Colorado Springs has a bronze statue and fountain of him near the Pioneer’s museum.

11/365 "The Stargate Sculpture"

12/365 Venetucci Bronze


3 thoughts on “11&12/365

  1. Not-quite-iconic-but-still-definitely Colo Spgs:
    the Palmer statue downtown
    the Pioneer museum
    any ‘skyline’ with the Antler’s/downtown
    Olympic center

    P.S. That barbed wire one is so sad. Good shot. But sad.

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