I got a few good shots today, but as usual I spend more time doing other things when I should have been taking photo’s. Today that thing was fishing with my Son. I caught a few but Owen finished the day a little disheartened that he wasn’t able to catch anything. Still I believe he had fun, and will want to go again very soon.

My shot today is really about where I want to be when I close my eyes. I would love to see this path when the grasses are greener and the wildlife more abundant, but even in the fall it’s quite beautiful. The entire walk we went over was through wetlands and gave us the opportunity to walk close to a beaver dam and a few small ponds. Today I’ve learned that I prefer cloudy lighting (soft) to the hard light that made us hot and gave a few of my photo’s a really harsh look. If you ever wondered when a good time to use a flash was, it’s actually a really good Idea to use while you have harsh light in order to fill the darker spaces. This can be a big help if you’re taking a photo of someone’s face. i hope you enjoy these few photo’s that I liked from today’s trip!

Last but not least, if you are ever headed over to facebook and get an inkling to like a few photo’s, you can head over to the Colorado Springs Visitor’s Center facebook page and like a few of my photo’s. Colorado Springs in having a contest that offers the cover of their yearly promotional magazine. This of course means ton’s of publicity for my photography start up, and well, it would be just plain “Geez that’s cool!” I have a bunch of entries posted and the more likes the better I’m sure! Thanks!


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