6 and 7 and 8/365

Playing with your camera everyday can sometimes be a bigger challenge than you think. Everyday brings new reasons to put things off. Especially when you add a blog, Flickr account, and facebook to upload to as well. My recommendation is to remember why we want to do this! to learn. Not every project is fun, and not every model is the beautiful subject that will make your portfolio really pop. But we move along as we should. I want to get better and this is a great way to help me attain my goals.

I really do want to get better, but I’m finding that unless I’m taking a class about photography, most other photographers (good and bad) don’t want to talk shop with me. I understand that the market is killing many photographers, and that truthfully it always has been. I’m a threat either because I have a growing talent, or that I might offer services at cheaper rates simply because I’m less experienced. So, in the end instead of getting real advice from other photographers I endlessly read other blogs and rants about photography every chance I get and view every photo I see with genuine interest. In the future I’m going to talk about what I learn from each of my photo’s (barring space and time) and I hope that if you want to talk shop that you approach me knowing that I’m just as eager to listen as to talk!



I love love love this picture. Black and whites show so much of what is going on that I just can’t help but enjoy them. I learned a few things about taking this photo, but mainly that no matter what you do take every shot you can. I have a 4 gig card in my camera, another in my bag, and plenty more at home. each one can hold something like a thousand photo’s. So use it! I have a half dozen photo’s of this sign because we were walking down the road and I thought it was really busy and could make a good picture. In the end, this is the only one I really like, and thank goodness I took the time to take multiple pictures. Don’t get me wrong, I normally try and visualize my shot before I take my photo’s but sometimes it’s great just to snap away! Long Live Digital!



I learned a number of interesting things about this little guy. Firstly I learned what it is… it’s called a QR barcode which can be scanned by almost any modern phone that has a camera, and the barcode will instruct the device to proceed directly to my website. That is pretty cool! They’re easy to make online and also easy to print or add to what ever you would like. I’ve decided to put these on the back of my upcoming business cards and get some stickers made for giving away! On a side note, I decided to research these after seeing one on the bus stop sign above!



This is a simple looking photo that I took in order to play with light and my Macro adapter. I have a weird old screw on adapter (shown here) that I bought for $10 and have enjoyed for the last year. I could have gotten closer with the adapter screwed onto my 18-55mm kit lens but I enjoy the aesthetics of this photo just the way it is. I mean really, who doesn’t like the soft greens and glowing lights! I learned that without a ton of light I will have to use an open aperture to get a good shot, although I might have been able to get something going if I had a decent tripod, or had remembered to turn on the vibration reduction. All good stuff to remember the next time, which by my own fault will be tomorrow. Another day, another photo~!



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