New Project

Today I start a 365 project, to learn something new everyday of the year and helping me to use my camera everyday. I’ve decided I’m going to utilize Photoshop more on my pictures unless I can’t justify using it on a good picture. This is a pretty big departure from my norm since Photoshop can do so many things, including removing people completely, but I no longer believe that photo’s are truth. Every shot, even those taken innocently are adjusted for composition and never tell the whole story. You can never be sure what is just outside the frame of view. I recently realized this after adjusting my own camera up so that I did not capture a bucket that irritatingly jumped out at me while taking a sunset shot. I suppose I could have just moved the bucket, but even that would be tampering with the scene. So, even without Photoshop I edit my photo’s to make them as good as I can.  I can accept that now, now it’s time to flex my eyeball, I’ve got some pictures to shoot!

Click on either photo to see their full glory!


One thought on “New Project

  1. I tend to agree; I like to set up the shot as best as possible using only camera controls, lighting, etc. I use little to no post processing, and rarely need to 🙂

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