Fun in the Sun

So we spent the day at Eleven Mile Canyon, if you’ve never been than you’re missing out on some beautiful sights! Sadly, I only took around 150 photo’s. That sounds like a lot when you know you’ll have to look at each one and carefully discern which are the greats and which need to be deleted. Some advice I have is to leave all of the photo’s alone for at least a week or so and go back to them after you’ve had some time away. You might be surprised when one catches your eye when earlier you were ready to delete it. Sometimes, a photo can be “saved” by simply de-saturating it or cropping it in just the right way. Of course, if it’s really bad I don’t hesitate to delete it especially if it’s out of focus and you can’t claim that it’s “Artistic”.

Another piece of great advice given to me is on the opposite spectrum. I see friends photo’s and they’d like to show me everything they took, and we spend a great deal of time looking at 30 or 40 photo’s of the same thing. Pick the best one and share it with your friends. The same goes for similar pictures. Today I got some great photo’s of a friends 3 year old daughter. She’s a complete ham and we got ton’s of great pictures. But, looking at bunches of pictures of her I’ve only chosen two among them to represent the entire day. Too many similar pictures take away from a single great picture, you can release additional photo’s later if you feel they need to be seen. Just be careful of drowning out a really great photo with a bunch of mediocre photo’s. If you need to produce multiple pictures, try and tell a story with your photo’s or place them together and see if the composition of multiple pictures can give a more dynamic presentation. Just be careful not to overdo it. If it helps, make some black and white or sepia to make them different enough for presentation side by side.

It was a great day, and I was even able to record some video of everyone having fun. I do however regret not taking more pictures! My goal during the next trip is to fill my memory cards up with photo’s! I’ll have to wait unfortunately for the next trip and for my camera to return from repair. A full day of use had given her some “hot pixels” to worry about. The troubles of digital really. Below are a sampling of photo’s I took during our trip. Next time I’ll have twice as many great photo’s!

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