New Dog, New Car, New Outlook

Okay, so I did really well in most of my classes this semester, and not so much in one class. I let confusion and time constraints rule my work rather than the other way around. I know I need to step up my work a lot more and try to maintain the focus that I need to succeed. Part of that will be taking fewer classes, and trying to do better in the ones that I’m in. I’m also thinking about making my degree more about a working position than one that relies on my creating art. I still want to create art, but I need to make a vocational decision and get to work. My first intention is to contact the school about any upcoming outdoor trips that classes might be taking. I’m excited to try and re-create National Geographic style adventures and follow around student archaeologists, zoologists, anthropologist, and the like! I might have to work at becoming a better writer as well. That will obviously take a lot more work.

I’m happy as a clam to have a car that runs well and won’t give me as much trouble as the jeep did. I loved the jeep, but I’m excited to able to keep my camera with me all the time now. So from now on it’s Me, my Nikon, my 4Runner, and my dog Max. I think it’s time to get out and take some pictures!


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