Getting something done?

I’d like to start learning to weld. In fact I’ve been wanting to weld for a good long time, and now seems as good as any other. I have a few projects on the jeep (okay more than a few) and then I’d love to start making art with it. Obviously it’s an invaluable tool that I’ll be able to use for a long time, but It also offers another outlet for creation. Obviously I need to take more pictures, paint more pictures and write more stories, but it can’t hurt to learn new and cool talents to add to the list. The top of the list is these days is to get that damn portfolio going and start selling my work! I wonder about how many pieces need to be created before I should start going to galleries and shoving it down their faces. Rather than hiding all of it at home and not showing the world. Yes I know I have some crap on this web page, but it’s just that, crap.

I guess what it comes down to is that I’ve stubbed my proverbial toe on a staircase of self loathing and doubt, and now I need to find a cure for this infection of apathy that’s spread over my artistic fortitude. I need the type of energy and enthusiasm that makes a crackhead rob a hot dog stand to pay for his habit. Ah yes, that silly crackhead. At least he’s motivated!


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