Group Therapy

It comes to me as a no surprise that one of my greatest faults as a musician and artist is that I don’t spend any of my time with active artists, writers, or the musically inclined. This time however, I’ve decided that the idea has merit and should be pursued to a greater extent. When I want to do something, my first thought is whether I can do it with my friends. Until now, the answer has always been no, since none of them care for doing much outside of gaming and well, more gaming. I love them for that and I’m glad we have real common ground when we get together.

Now it’s time for me to go out, and conquer my fear of myself. Or rather getting myself laughed at. I’ve come to realize it’s going to happen, whether I’m out hanging out with a group of artists, or sitting at home waiting for the next facebook comment. Sometimes it’s because I’m being funny, and others it’s because I’m just kinda funny.Getting out with these other people has always inspired me and gotten me to work at my best. It’s almost like group therapy, where I can feel like I’m open to other people and I can bounce ideas off of them, then they can tell me everything I do is trash and I’ll cry and start over. It’s gonna be great! I know a few people that might not only fit the bill but would be willing. Others I’ll have to beat off with a stick. Just writing this makes me want to go paint something!

My portfolio will be my next big accomplishment. I need to have a good selection of material for people to look at and fall in love with and since I haven’t picked a style let alone medium, I’ll be doing them all! Photo’s, Oil Paintings, Charcoal, Pencil, Nudes, Abstract, and maybe some sculpture! Look out world! I’m quietly sneaking out into the world!


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