New Semester, New Energy

Yet another semester has begun and already I’m busy with homework and research. I originally signed up for 17 credit hours but have since downsized to 14. I’ve decide to drop my Drawing II class so that I can save the credit hours for more exciting classes like Painting and Photography. I don’t regret the decision at all either, I just have to live with a single Algebra class on Fridays. I can live with that.

The Ecclectia Art Show is premiering tonight and I’m excited to try and make it. Of course, I’m really sad I couldn’t finish a piece to put in the show. There are so many talented artists that sometimes I feel inadequate about my art. I still don’t feel like I’ve made the transition of being able to refer to myself as an artist. For so long I’ve been the tech guy, the organizer, the cartoonist. I want to make art that I can call “art”! It’s much more intangible than I first thought, but everyday I work towards that.

Tomorrow we start work on throwing away the trash in the apartment above the kennel. It’s a small place but open, and has a decent amount of light coming in, and I’m excited to work on transferring it into a studio. I’ll have to start looking for my favorite card catalogs for holding my art supplies and of course, a nice large easel. I might just start painting tonight too. I need to get the creative juices to start flowing!


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