Abandon hope all ye who enter here…

With school finished and everything in order I now find myself in the depths of boredom that even daytime television fails to cure. I can’t believe that for so long I thought that getting out of school for a few weeks would allow the freedom to do all the things I thought I couldn’t while studying for tests, and completing assignments. On the first day I had re-arranged cleaned and organized my entire workspace, rebuilt my computer for good measure, signed up for another slew of classes, and find that now I’m just waiting for them to start. I suppose I should use the time to start painting what I’d really like to paint and to write and draw as much as I can. It’s a very different thing to be sitting without deadlines and specified content laid out before me. I guess I’ll have to create my own goals to guide me during the holiday break. The question now is, what do I really want to do?


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