Science Ficiton

Writing is a great outlet. I’ve always had ideas floating around in my head. I’ve recently gathered notebooks that I’ve been throwing ideas into for the last few years, and found that I have nearly twenty notebooks. Each is filled with non specific plots, quotes, ideas for antagonists, interesting places, and a few complicated plot lines that I don’t remember writing down. My memory has never been very good, so taking a lot of notes has helped significantly.

Before I get too far off subject, I’ve decided to begin writing again. I didn’t for so long because I wasn’t confident in it and I was surrounded by people who were working hard on their own stories. I’ve began by writing short stories relating to the universe I intend to set my main barrage of plots in. Of course, this also means that I’ve spend countless hours working on the entirety of what technology, politics, and characters might be in my universe. To make things easier I think I’ll be putting up a website, similar to this one that will detail my universe and it’s complexities. There has been talk as well about playing some role-playing games set in the universe to help get and idea of what themes will be strong and what ideas might fall flat with others.

My biggest fear is that I’m stepping on someone’s toes. There have been so many great authors and so many great idea’s that it will be hard to create new ideas. Funnily enough, if I really want people to like my stories, they’ll need to be comfortable with how the universe is laid out. That in itself would be easier if they already understood some of whats going on. I even find my self describing some of the aspects of the setting by using movies as examples. Obviously I’ll can’t just state that there are flying cars like the ones in “The Fifth Element”, but I would hope that most of my audience is smart enough to make that distinction by themselves. Still it would easier if I could reference movies as themes, settings, and politics. I guess I’ll have to be subtle.

I don’t think I’ll be writing specifically about the world on this site, but I’ll make sure to link to it when it has enough material to publish online. I can tell you that world is one I’ve been working on for a while, and of course sold to everyone around me as a great idea. It’s science fiction based, and I’m hoping that some of my friends will be willing to donate their own stories and artwork using the setting as a strong influence. I’m not sure if I intend to publish the setting as a game to make money, or offer it for free for the world to play. I think it could be cool to get some good material from strangers but I suppose I’d have to copyright everything so that no one else could steal it and sell it as their own.




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