So the last few weeks have been stressful. At least I have the most understanding family and wonderful teachers that are patient and always willing to work with me. Having no car and living 30 miles outside of town can play havoc on even the most basic needs. Luckily now, that has been mostly solved as I have a new Jeep. If you know me, you know I love jeep wranglers. Anyone who is telling you they don’t have a favorite car is lying. Pure and simple.

The Wrangler is running well (finally) after a lot of work and re-wiring. The kid before me thought it would be a great idea to wire the fuel injectors to toggle switches on the dashboard. No one can figure out why anyone would do something so silly. Still, it’s running and ready to cart me around to school and back. For those of you who are interested it is 1987 Jeep Wrangler that has a Chevy 4.3L Fuel injected V6 from a 1988 Chevy Monte Carlo. Not only does that give me nearly 200hp, but also the reliability and ease of working with a Chevy engine. I don’t have plans to put giant tires on it (just large) but I do have a long list of things it’s going to need, some really soon. for now, I’ll try and enjoy driving it around and having a vehicle once again! Now, I’ll just have figure out if I need to work on it, or try rebuilding the engine in the Saturn wagon that blew a head gasket.

Below is a slide show of the first day home. I’ve had to remove the rear seat after seeing how unsafe it really was. It still needs a top before it gets too cold. I’ve been driving without one the last few days. 46 degrees is fine when your sitting still, but at 65mph barreling down Hwy 94, I can tell you it’s no fun. Better than riding my motorcycle, but at there you have a nice full helmet to keep your ears warm!

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