A New Day, More Pictures

I have to admit that I get a ton of gratification with my art and photography. We all say that we do it because we’re driven by some sort of beacon to create “art”. In most respects that’s true for me. I get depressed and anxious if I haven’t created anything with my hands, or had my hands in something to work with. But there isn’t much that makes me feel as proud as a finished piece of art or a really great photo (taken with all the right settings and not just a happy accident). Obviously when my son does something polite without me asking, is a great feeling too. I suppose children are forms of art that we work with and mold all of their lives (and ours) Only to send them off into the world and hope that they are appreciated and loved as much as we love them. My art, good and bad, are much like children to me. I spend time and great effort to make sure it is something that will look nice, and hopefully evoke an emotion in somebody. Even if it’s one person other than me! Photography will be like that someday I hope for me. Right now, it’s just like the first time I held a pencil to a piece of paper. I’m sure my first drawing were erratic and over-simplified but I was hooked, just as I am now with the camera. If you like something that I’ve taken now, just wait until I know what I’m doing!

Below are some pictures that were snapped at my friend Gary’s on Saturday. They have a neat garden/front yard that differs from their neighbors. I love the grassy greens and all the little critters. Of course, kids are always fun to take pictures of as well! Click on any of them for the full size pictures! And feel free to comment if you’d like!

Fuzzy Bee's are funny!

Rhiannon was having fun the whole time we were outside.

I think I might have to do more black and white!

I don't think she know's what's going on...

Owen's trying not to look like he's having fun. But he always does.

I think Gary and Sarah are trying to make their kid a hippie...


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