Summer School is Out

Well, I’ve aced my art class. Apparently I improved enough to deserve it as well. Which is nice. I’m trying to get my hands on a camera again so I can post the pictures to this site. Maybe someday someone will look at these and say “Good Sir, your work is Amazing, Here is 1 million dollars to continue with your personal growth! Good Day!”

Anyway, I’ve found that I really like chiaroscuro a ton. I really want to do a nude drawing in the style, of course I have to find a willing model and some extra time to do it. I think it would be a really cool drawing. I might even do it so that it’s PG and I could show it off. I enjoyed my art class, and now I’ll be taking a painting class so that I might finally get to work in a medium that has respect. Don’t get me wrong, I love pencil and would love to continue getting better, but people tend to look at pencil (graphite) as a beginners medium. I want to do Acrylic. I know that the paints will dry quicker and that it’s much more uncompromising, but I can’t wait to get to it! I think the class will go over all of the painting mediums and I can’t wait. Maybe I’ll find that watercolor or Oils are best for me. My art teacher thinks I should continue to work on the pen and Ink drawings the most. I guess she like those pieces the best.

Math didn’t go as well, maybe a B if I’m lucky. More than likely a C, which is alright for me. Once I decide on a degree I might have to go back and take it again, just in case. I hope not.



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