New Techniques

I’ve been working on a few new techniques to add to my skills. Manga is the type of drawing style that is very popular in Japan. Most people just call it Anime, which is mostly correct, except this isn’t animation. For the most part the characters are the same but their faces are very different and striking. Eyes are always the focus of a Manga drawing followed by a simple face framed by generally wild hair. Okay, maybe thats not exactly what it is but right now that’s what I’m focusing on. The easiest way for me to draw some of these pictures is to combine several elements of different drawings to create my own. I have a player in my Roleplaying game that has taken a keen interest in one of my NPC (non-player-character). She is a pretty young halfling that was described as beautiful and young looking, darker blond hair, several trinkets around her neck, and a few strands of braided hair hanging by her face. Of course I would make her specific wouldn’t I? So I’ve looked and found some elements that I really liked and should work well for her. Of course, even after “finishing her” and scanning her in, I’ve gone back and added things, enough to have to rescan her. Then, so that I wouldn’t be outdone by myself, I went back and changed a few things again. anyway here she is. I hope my player is happy that I’ve gone out of my way to make make everything for him. Maybe I should have made him draw her.

In the future I’d like to scan some of my work in much earlier to get an idea of my process. But I tend to work quickly and get everything out really fast. then go back once I’ve had some time to think about it. Sometimes I have to scan the photo in before I see things that I’d like to change. It actually helps to scan things in and adjust the contrast to see where the picture could be lightened or darkened beyond what our eyes can see, but of course everyone sees the difference once the changes are made. I like this drawing a lot and will have to add it to my gallery page soon.

Her name will be Melonie Marigold of the Dale (hey it’s a game and she’s a halfling!)


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